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Prices + Packages

We offer packages of ten personal training sessions with different time options (30mins or 45mins per session) and the option to train 1:1 just you and your Kilo personal trainer, or 1:2 where you and a friend / family member etc. can train with a Kilo personal trainer.

1:1 Personal Training Sessions

1:1 (30min sessions) = €380 for 10 sessions

1:1 (45min sessions) = €480 for 10 sessions

1:2 Personal Training Sessions

1:2 (30min sessions) = €500 for 10 sessions

1:2 (45min sessions) = €600 for 10 sessions

FREE Initial Consultation

You can start with a free initial face-to-face consultation where you come in to meet your Kilo personal trainer, see the gym space and equipment, discuss your goals and we get a plan in place to get your started! If you are interested, please click / tap here to complete our consultation form and we will get back to you ASAP to get this booked in.


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